Trade finance is moving towards multi-lateral adoption of blockchain, and the ecosystem is ready for solutions that simplify complex interoperability challenges to deliver end-to-end digitisation of the value chain.

Our research shows clear demand from senior executives and blockchain implementers for solutions that move beyond hype and facilitate real-world application of blockchain. As a solution provider offering consultancy, financial or technology services, now is the time to build long-lasting partnerships with the whole trade finance ecosystem as they leverage blockchain to catalyse end-to-end digitisation.


Showcase your latest blockchain technology in our exhibition hall with live demos to our audience.


Present your solutions and how you can help the industry unlock the value of blockchain technology.


Forge relationships with senior leaders across the trade value chain just as they are moving towards interoperability. Align your services to meet their needs through structured interactive networking breaks.

We balance the number of exhibitors and sponsors at the event to ensure a fair representation of each stakeholder in the room.

Get in touch soon if you would like to be considered for participation. 

Joseph Cofield

Partnerships Director


+44 (0)20 3854 2407

Cofield, Joe